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About WuXing Construction Pte Ltd

Welcome to Wuxing Construction Pte Ltd, we are a contractor specializing in interior design and home renovation in Singapore ranging from HDB renovation for new BTO flat renovation, condominium or apartment home design and renovation, landed house home design and renovation, office interior design and renovations, shop house or retail shop interior design and renovations. We are committed to be the premier builder of our customers’ dreams and will always strive to exceed their expectations. Through integrity and professionalism, we craft enduring value and relationship.

Our company was incorporated in 18 July 1998 as a limited exempt private company. The company principal activities are  general contractor (building construction including major upgrading works)

Our present registered address is at 138A Changi road Singapore 419722. Tel 63126746


Certification from the authority

BCA Registered  Certification                                      BizSAFE level 3 certification


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Wuxing construction Pte Ltd is proud to have received the BizSAFE level 3 certification awarded by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council, as of 22 June 2012

What this certification means is that Wuxing construction Pte Ltd has been audited for Risk Management implementation by an external auditor, and it complies with the requirements in the Workplace Safety & Health Act (WHSA) and its subsidiary legislation.

Having the bizSAFE Level 3 certification assures all Wuxing construction Pte Ltd stakeholders – including staff, students and industry partners – that Wuxing construction Pte Ltd is committed towards workplace safety.  In addition, it allows Wuxing construction Pte Ltd to conduct businesses with clients that require bizSAFE certification.

The WSHA covers all workplaces in Singapore and requires all organisations and employees to take reasonable practicable measures to achieve a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.

Achieving bizSAFE Level 3 is an important step towards striving for excellence in the WSH management system. Let us work together and continue to play a part in improving WSH standards at Wuxing construction Pte Ltd

Our Motto

We will continue to uphold our good practice and strive to achieve the customers dreams and expectation

What We Do?

Building Construction and Renovations works as follows:

  • landed properties like terrace house, semi-detached house ,detached house ,bungalows house
  • Commercial properties like office interior renovation ,retail shop interior renovation , shopping mall and centre ,hotel and canteen
  • Condominium and apartment flats
  • HDB flat and retails shop
  • Industrial building and renovations like factory , warehouse and storage building
  • Institution building like hospital, schools classroom ,garden and parks
  • Other special items like retiling works ,repair and redoration works and painting as well as waterproofing services and repair
  • To plan and design home extension and renovations that are thoughtful and healthy, no matter the state of the original structure

We sort out and plan on solving any construction and renovation problems extremely quickly so as to stick to the timeline and budget given by customers

Why Choose Wuxing construction Pte Ltd?

  • Wide variety of products, construction and renovation services.

    We carry wide choice of construction and renovation works which is customise to individual customers need and requirement and we use only high quality products that has been approve by the authority. Work with us involve a carefully planned series of steps, centered around a schedule we stick to and daily communication

  • Experience and track record

    We had serve the local market for over seventeen years and understand the needs and requirement of the customers in the general construction, upgrading and renovation works and received many testimonials from our clients for excellence works. Our clients had also continue to support us by referring their friends and associate to our services and we are indeed grateful for their continue support.

  • One year warranty

    Our company assured you our quality and workmanship of our works with a standard one (1) year warranty upon completion of the works. We had also many time go beyond the standard warranty period so as to keep our clients happy.

  • Other Warranties Period

    We had provide other warranty period for items like painting works which can be up 5 years and waterproofing works which can be up to 10 years. This items will be specify clearly in the letter of quotation or contract document. Our client can then had peace of mind especially waterproofing works as this can cause a lot inconvenience as well as damage to other items like furniture and painting.

  • Good quality professional works and  good materials

    Our company are BCA (Building and construction authority) approved   contractor with qualify license in the category of works we are going to be carried out. We provide works with good quality workmanship and quality materials to be use for the construction and renovation works .We have in-house proprietary process and system to monitor the construction and renovating process to ensure the works is carried out in the correct and proper order to minimize or eliminate defects later which is so common in the construction industry .This prove to be very good as client save time and inconvenient later on.

  • Certified and highly skill workman and supervisors

    Our company’s workers are put though our in house stringent training program before they are deploy on site. They must not only  passed all test and skill to do the works by all relevant authority but also continue to update and ungraded themselves the latest industry process and trend. . Our supervisor, foreman and key skill workman had been with us for very long time of at least 6 years.

  • Protection

    Before construction, our construction professional will do a risk assessment on the existing and surrounding items or building to ensure they are properly protected to prevent any damage.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Nobody wishes to pay excessive. We will provide you reasonable pricing to do exactly what you specify, without shocks.

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Mr Tay +65 98621627




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