So you’ve decided on to renovate your property. Awesome! Now how do you turn your dream home vision into reality? Sure, you could just got any renovation and construction contractor hope that they can execute your conceptualize design home .As with most people nowadays, you’ll probably start your search for a professional painting service on the internet. A simple Google search reveals over thousand results for the phrase “renovation contractor”. How do you choose the professional renovation and construction contractor service that’s right for you amongst all the search results?

Here are the key considerations to keep in mind when choosing a professional painting service.

Experience and track record

As with most trades, a professional renovation and construction contractor gets better with experience. That’s especially true in the renovation and construction contractor services industry, with its ever-changing trends, foreign workers coming and going and constantly improving technologies. You need to work with a renovation and construction contractor that understands the intrinsic nature of renovation and construction business with a keeps up with changing times mindset. After all, you probably want your renovation and construction works to last for years and your professional renovation and construction contractor should have the capability to ensure it was done with the right preparation


Specialties of the contraction and renovation works

The contractor must be specialize in the area of the works which they going to execute .This can be landed properties construction and renovation works, office renovation, condominium flat renovation or industrial factory and warehouse building. By engaging a professional renovation and construction contractor which specialise in the work area ,you can be assure that the works execute will be done in a best workmanship , correct procedure to the works being done as well the quality of the material to be use is appropriate and suitable to the works to be done.



Anything involving large structures and lots of chemicals materials needs to be done in compliance with the utmost safety standards, and with minimum environmental impact. Make sure the professional renovation and construction contractor service you choose has a solid quality, environmental, health and safety (QEHS) policy. In light of such a policy, make sure the professional renovation and construction contractor service you choose also practices what it preaches. Choose a vendor with a long and impeccable record of safety and eco-friendliness.



As in all other industries, a job that’s expertly executed produces positive buzz in your social circles. If you have any friends who have used of renovation and construction contractor services in the past, ask them to referral. I also strongly recommend talking only to renovation companies or individuals with referrals from a trusted source. Don’t just get anyone from the local paper, the yellow pages, a sales leaflet or a tradeshow. It is like going for a blind date. You never know who will show up. You really don’t want to deal with any surprise and disappointment.


Be clear and upfront about timing and the inflexibility of your budget

If you need the job finished by a certain time and cost, hold the contractors responsible to that and put everything in writing The notes can serve as both a proof and a reminder for both parties. It will also come in handy next time when there is any argument on what has been agreed.


Get at least three quotations from different companies

Compare quotes item-by-item. Before you get back to the selected one, draft your own listing of work items with full descriptions. For each item, add in what you think are the reasonable prices. If there is an obvious price gap of a work item between two contractors, negotiate to see whether your selected contractor can match the price.


Good and bad times

When times are good, contractors are very busy. It is more difficult to bargain on prices. Give a reasonable timeframe for completion but stick to the major deadlines. When times are bad, don’t be too happy if you get too good a bargain. Contractors tend to cut corners to get your business. Be careful of commissioning a project when the market is recovering. Costs of raw materials and manpower will be on their way up when your place is work-in-progress. To make ends meet, the contractor may ask you to top up the difference so that they can afford to pay their suppliers and finish your job. Worse still, some contractors may go bust because of their under-quoting in too many projects.


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